Aftermarket Valve Stem Caps

One area of cars that people like to customize that is surprising to me is the valve stems on the wheels. They’re such small, easily overlooked parts, yet some people care about them enough to buy special caps to change the look of them. A lot of times that doesn’t have any negative affect. I have heard of a time when a customer had valve stem caps so heavy that they caused a vibration.


On this particular car, the caps were a problem. They came in to get all four tires replaced. The issue I had was that the customer’s valve stem caps were metal and had corroded onto the stems, so much so that I could only get one of them off. I tried to get the others off but with no success. I ended up having to drill holes in the tires to get the air out, then replacing all the valve stems.

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2 Responses to Aftermarket Valve Stem Caps

  1. Andrew says:

    Had a car come in one time many years ago when I worked at Nissan that had the same style caps as you have there. Customer used a wrench to tighten them on so they “would not come loose”. He had tightened them enough to start striping the threads off of the stem. The caps threads were harder so they were fine.


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