Sway Bar Link Mistake

Almost all cars have sway bars, a long piece of metal running from one side of the car to the other. They tie each side of the suspension together to lessen body roll during cornering. Most cars have one in front and many have one in the rear as well.


The sway bar is attached to the suspension by various types of sway bar links. On most Hondas they have ball joints on each end, and over time they fail and come apart. When replacing them you have to make sure you install them on the correct side, because the left side often has different angles from the right side.


Besides left to right differences, there are of course also differences between the front and rear sway bar links, usually in length. Somebody replaced all four sway bar links on this Civic, but mixed up the front and rear ones and installed one of each on the front and rear. The sway bar is pretty stiff so it must’ve taken some force to get the incorrect-length links to fit.

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