Truck Caps

Truck bed caps are a pretty popular accessory, especially because so many people buy trucks without the intention of using them for much that requires a truck. There are a few advantages to them, like having a large weatherproof cargo area, but they also have some disadvantages, like limiting how much you can put in the bed, and how easily you can put stuff in.


There a couple a trucks that I think look really good with caps, usually when it makes them look like an SUV and there isn’t a related SUV model. One of those is the Toyota Tundra, and the other is the new Honda Ridgeline. If I was interested in getting a truck but didn’t need real heavy duty truck ability, I would probably get a Ridgeline with a cap on it. However, I am more of a real truck guy, and I could get any truck, I’d get a Ram 2500.

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2 Responses to Truck Caps

  1. Alex Dean says:

    My husband is wanting to buy a truck cap to put on the back of our truck, but I am curious to know if there are advantages to this. I like to how you said that using one will help provide a large waterproof cargo area. Which will be great to have an area like that especially if we want to get a lot of groceries at once.


    • Dan says:

      The only real advantage I can think of to a truck cap is a large weatherproof cargo area, but it’s not as easy to use the bed in that case if your cap doesn’t have opening side windows to allow you to put stuff into the front of the bed easily. A lot of things I would use a truck for wouldn’t be very easy with a cap on the bed, so I personally wouldn’t.


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