Old SSTs

Years ago, long before my time at the shop, my dealership used to sell Buicks along with Toyota. A strange combination if you ask me. Relics of that have always been around, one of them being all the old Special Service Tools (SSTs) in one of our tool rooms.


Most of them hadn’t been used in years, a lot probably never. One day the shop foreman had me help him clean out the room, and we got rid of probably 90% of the stuff. This is the pile of empty cases to be thrown out when we were done.


Everything that was metal, which was a lot, was put into the scrap pile. Two of those red carts were completely full of all kinds of special odd-shaped pieces of metal and bolts designed for some specific service on some older car that we don’t work on anymore.


I was able to snag some of the few useful things that we found, and this is pretty much all there was that wasn’t so special that it was useless. I got a belt tension gauge, blacklight, halogen leak detector, some odd sockets, and a long metal bar that I keep in my car now. The best I got was a pair of Vise-grips with some odd metal welded onto the jaws. I cut the metal off and got a nice pair of Vise-grips for free.

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