Toolbox Organization

Let’s talk organization. I’m a pretty organized person when I take the time. I like to know where everything is.


Some people have toolboxes that look like this. I really have no idea how they can work. How can you find anything you need in less than five minutes?

On the other hand, there’s my toolbox:


I’m very organized with my tools. Everything has to have a place. I need to be able to open the drawer and grab what I need as fast as possible so I’m not wasting time. I’ve spent quite a bit on the various racks and rails I use to make things neat.


And when I can’t buy what I need, I’ll make it. Stores sell racks for sockets, but one of my sets, by Grey Pneumatic, is of an odd size range and as such won’t fit on a storebought rack. So to enable clean storage, I took the time to build some racks myself. 1/4″ plywood and 1/4″ dowels, glue, paint, and patience. They actually feel a little sturdier than the plastic racks.

2015_09_10_05 2015_09_10_06

Snap-on includes these plastic magnetic racks with some of their socket sets. They’re pretty nice and can be convenient, and I’m sure lots of people like them, but they’re a bit too bulky for me. I want to maximize my storage space. So I buy these rails with pegs for the sockets to stick on, and screw them to 1/4″ plywood. I use these for things that don’t have a through hole, like swivel impact sockets, as well as Torx and hex driver bit sockets.


Unfortunately there’s always a point where you can’t organize well, and that point is my bottom drawer, where I stuff my seldom used or oddly shaped items. But better to have only one drawer like this than every drawer.

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2 Responses to Toolbox Organization

  1. Paula Jarvis says:

    And to think you couldn’t be more like my dad =o
    His toolbox looks a lot like yours. He likes his tools in their exact spot, and I guess you could say he’s quite the perfectionist when it comes to /his/ tools =P Also…That bottom drawer would be my organization skills in their prime xD


  2. tylerkrenik says:

    I would like to keep my box looking like that, but I end up throwing everything in their designated drawers.


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